NZ Parliament website experiencing overloads during the Sars-2 Mass Hysteria

I think they need a beefier machine running

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Tomachi Corp has moved to 4 Waikaukau Road in Glen Eden

Come checkout our awesome new Fractal Wood Laser & Lichtenberg Etching Art Gallery, and maybe pickup a nice bit of art during your visit. Open 3 days per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 2pm until 8pm by appointment only.

How To Find It

Look out for the "creepy castle" style industrial estate. A big sign out the front reads Fit Easy Doors and Kiwi Benchtops. Come down the left hand side, through some pot-holes, past the Yank Tank, past the house bus. Head deep into the property, aiming for the containers at the end. When you get to the containers, take a right and you should be able to see the stairs up to flat 3 which is round the back of unit 2. My red motorcycle is often parked at the base, and a cherry picker maybe nearby. Ours is the only "outside stairs up to the deck". A water measurement device is at the top of the stairs.

4 Waikaukau road site map and business directory

4 Waikaukau road site map and business directory

How to get 60 FPS 2560x1440 resolution on AOC U2868 in macOS

I wrote this one line script because I was unable to put my AOC monitor back into 60 frames per second mode after enabling 4k.

macOS display preferences make dang near impossible to achieve. First just type in cscreen at the terminal to get the ID of your monitor, in my case 78ca19c6:

DisplayID Index Depth Width Height Refresh
78ca19c6 1 32 2560 1440 60
use -h to display all usage options
➜ ~

Then issue the command again, this time with the monitor unique ID and the parameters:

cscreen -d 32 -x 2560 -y 1440 -r 60 -i 78ca19c6
➜ ~

Swap 78ca19c6 for the value of your own monitor.

This will give you the best 60 FPS display performance AFAIk, the resolution known as 2560 x 1440 (QHD/WQHD - Wide Quad High Definition)

Official product page in my part of the world:

Idea: National, Regional and Amateur Hackathon Teams

Here is a cool idea that could be supported either by government or big business.

Similar to sports teams, a series of leagues are setup, by way of a series of Hackathons in each major city, with the initial outcome of the first match being a regional team of 10 winners for each region or city, say $10,000 each.

Photo: TechCrunch

The next year, do the same thing again, this time generating a 'Regional B Team'. About a month or two later the regional teams could do battle in a remote nationwide Hackathon, to create the national team. The All Green Screens / Call Blacks / All Black Hats or similar. In the time between the matches, the teams and their manager may be able to promote a couple of players from 'Regional B' by swapping an existing player with the new one. Likewise the 'Regional B Team' would have some chance to swap out a couple of players for amateurs who did well in the regional heats.

In the third year, it goes international, by way of the internet, no actual stadium is required. The regional heats are the only Hackathons that have a physical presence. This is because of an interesting trend in Hackathons worldwide.

The national team is encouraged to play in global Hackathons, which we'd own if we are allowed to compete as a team not as individuals:

Making A Living From Professional Hackathons

Makers Against Drought Hackathon
Sponsored by Samsung, this hackathon is designed to help solve California’s water crisis.
Winner: $90,000 cash prize
Finalists: $10,000 cash prize for 10 finalists

GlobalHack IV
This hackathon was sponsored by LockerDome. GlobalHack hackathons often offer large cash prizes.
Winner: $30,000 cash prize
Finalists: $15,000, $5,000 and $5,000 for runners-up

Launch Hackathon
Last year, there were two top prizes of $800,000. This is run as part of the regular Launch startup event. Winning includes some serious business connections.

The Money20/20 Financial Tech Hackathon
This hackathon is geared toward financial, payments, banking or investment-based tech. The grand prize was $20,000 in cash, and it was given to four teams. The $5,000 prize was given to five teams. The pure odds of winning were 9 out of about 155 teams, or a 5.8 percent chance.

RootsTech Hackathon
RootsTech is about promoting the use of family history in a creative way.
1st prize: $20,000 in cash, $25,000 in-kind
2nd prize: $14,000 in cash, $15,000 in-kind
Judge’s choice: $6,000 in cash, $10,000 in-kind
People’s choice: $10,000 in cash

IBM Spark Hackathon
IBM has been sponsoring lots of hackathons to promote their BlueMix cloud platform and Spark investments.
1st prize: $15,000
2nd prize: $7,500
3rd prize: $5,000
Plus various smaller prizes.

List of Hackathons source from Tech Crunch article:

The Infamous Digital Marketing Algorithms That Shape Internet Traffic

An abstract of my lecture today at the Testingmind conference

I really enjoyed being part of the first ever event like this put on by a truly international company. I'd like to thank Ipsita, Kunal, and Kishore for finding me, reaching out, believing in me, even when at one point, I could hardly believe it myself! Testingmind is a consulting and workforce development organisation helping its clients and customers to optimise IT-intensive processes through consulting, training and live summits. Specialising in coaching software companies in implementing the Agile method of project management, they also host a huge number of training events worldwide.

The following is the abstract I wrote for my talk.

Digital Marketing Summit 2019

Algorithms are mathematical formulas forming the heart and brain of software functionality. High volume Internet sites like Google and Facebook have no option but to implement extreme levels of automation, because manual processing would be a much more expensive option, and not scalable or sustainable long term. Understanding these algorithms is essential in the world of digital marketing in 2019, in order to leverage their benefits and avoid their penalties.

Tom Atkinson from Tomachi Corporation explains what shapes the traffic from organic search, pay per click ads, social referrals, email spam, and recently, the flow of cash from advertisers to social media influencers, by these secret software programs. I’ll explain why so many Hip Hop tracks include references to Alizé and we can discuss ideas and theories on what metrics advertisers check on before paying the next YouTube celebrity to hype their product!

Understanding what the platforms are trying to achieve in future is often a better approach than chasing after where they have been in the past. Google Quality Score is there to keep both the searchers and the advertiser happy, removing low quality ads, and sometimes not showing any ads.

INFAMOUS ALGORITHMS covers buzzwords such as Google PageRank, Facebook EdgeRank, Yahoo TrustRank, SEOMoz MozRank, Google Ads Quality scores, search ranking signals, web spam and email spam detection, duplicate content and canonicalization, social authority signals, Klout, Skorr, StackExchange Flair, and Quora Stats: If there is time and interest, I may also cover how website speed and mobile usability affect traffic sent to your site from Google and how to fix it.   

Fast Reboot Mac

Here is an app I wrote to restart or shutdown a bit faster, or for when picking Apple -> Restart isn't working for some reason, since I prefer not to do a hard reset by holding the power button down. It uses a root shell command 'sudo shutdown -r now' to achieve it's magic combined with an AppleScript to rapidly log you out without saving saving changes!Click the big hand to download Fast Reboot Mac

        _+880_      .....see you there!
        _++88_                       if I don't see you first.....
Fast Reboot macOS

The only known bug is actually a bug/feature in macOS: When your computer has come back up, macOS will ask you if you want to open Fast Reboot Mac again. Don't do that. It will reboot again as thats all this app does. You see now?

That's one app you don't wan't to re-open the next day!

If you are curious / distrustful, you can inspect the scripts by right-clicking Show Package Contents:

_+88_ _+880_ .....see you there! _++88_ if I don't see you first..... _++88_ __+880_________________________++_ __+888________________________+88_ __++880______________________+88_ __++888_____+++88__________+++8_ __++8888__+++8880++88____+++88_ __+++8888+++8880++8888__++888_ ___++888++8888+++888888++888_ ___++88++8888++8888888++888_ ___++++++888888888888888888_ ____++++++88888888888888888_ ____++++++++000888888888888_ _____+++++++000088888888888_ ______+++++++00088888888888_ _______+++++++088888888888_ _______+++++++088888888888_ ________+++++++8888888888_ ________+++++++0088888888_ ________++++++0088888888_ ________+++++0008888888_ ________#############_

Give Huawei A Chance re: Spark 5G

According to the NZ Herald Spark has been warned of an impending Huawei ban by the GCSB!

Personally I'd like to see the evidence. They have delivered wireless in NZ and Australia for nearly 15 years.

Also, I'd rather our country reject them due to technical reasons rather than just racism/protectionism (if thats what it is).

If the equipment would pose a risk, what is it please? I'd love to know, I like that kind of detail. I heard it was more about vulns than backdoors.

Look, while I'm 100% open to the idea that Huawei routers and network equipment is crappy, vulnerable and has flaws, and can be remotely exploited etc, but I feel this move by , is jumping the gun. To be fair I can understand sensitive networks running "allied country routers" but we missed a good chance to learn what makes a good router. We don't make routers here in New Zealand, so I guess it must be due to our yankee spy friends and Cisco et al.

Basically its protectionism for US companies. Then again, cellphones definitely give you cancer and make you infertile as a man, so perhaps slowing down a little is a good thing? Recently I found out that America either lied when it said they found backdoors in their routers, or the NSA never provided the evidence to prove it.

Brislen added that the national security concerns surrounding Huawei look like "smoke and mirrors", with no hard evidence in public that scenarios such as data exfiltration to China or national-scale "off switches" are feasible. Source: The Register

Here's another story from The Register about how they loose a jury trial about a robot "trade secret" that wasn't even secret nor innovatory.

China has flaws and it's government sucks. But that's no reason to be racist or mean to Chinese companies. This is the perfect time for Telecom and Huawei both to offer to:

  • offer ablated chips for micro-photographic inspection
  • offer binary disassembly code for inspection
  • possibly even offer the source code up to inspectors
  • generally prove there are no back doors in the router

In my quest to end unreasonable government secrecy, I feel Huawei needs a fair trial. Because it would put to the test our ability to understand what network security actually means. rather than just ban it because it's from China, let's ban it for technical reasons and use those to hone our skills of analytics to apply to the other routers from Europe and USA or even a Linux one.

In Other Communist Related News

Recently a report came to light that says at least 10,000 were killed at Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989


China is one of the most evil countries in the world = Tiananmen Massacre

"Students linked arms but were mown down including soldiers. APCs then ran over bodies time and time again to make 'pie' and remains collected by bulldozer. Remains incinerated and then hosed down drains," said Mr Donald.

"Four wounded girl students begged for their lives but were bayoneted," he added.

Here is the top 100 NZ Government pages on Google about Huawei... a snapshot in time before it all goes to custard...

How to detect if a keylogger has been installed on your machine

A keystroke logger is the worst kind of malicious software (malware) you could possibly hope to be infected with. Why? Because it could be recording each key you type and sending it to a central server, which would include your messages and username passwords!

This is why in some cases a password manager can make your machine more secure: because you are typing your passwords less, if somehow you could an infection it would have less impact.

That point is debatable however, since one needs to be root to install one it's a good reason to have a guest account enabled on your computer if you ever plan to let a bad-ass criminal use it for 5 minutes while your making a cup of tea or similar.

How To Not Get Virus Infection

  • Before double-clicking, check you trust the source of the executable
    • Check the domain name, the person who sent etc
  • Provide to guest users a regular low-privilege user account
    • If a stranger needs to use your machine when you are not around, this will prevent them most badness if it's not an admin account
    • Saved my ass at least once, I know this much
    • Helpfully, this also logs all your web sessions out

How To Detect Keystroke Logger Installation

It's actually quite difficult. I'm going to look into it and update this blog later when I find out more. If you want to take a snapshot of all your system kexts try running Syntella (macOS only presently) then you can search through the report with a text editor to try to find anything that is amiss.

If you're on windows you could try checking this link: