Electric Soul Studios

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Electric Soul Day One

Electric Soul Day One

Obi One - One Day Rehearse'n'Cord Package

From $140 - $180 per day

The fee is based on $100 booking then $10/hr, for example:
- One day of Rehearse or Recording sessions w/ engineer
- Up to 8 hours in the studio from 2pm onwards and then full noise from 5pm until 10pm
- Lockout and 24/7 sessions are possible on request
- Engineer will place an array of microphones for your session
- Ideal for demo and composition quality recording
- Band is expected to control record / pause via remote for most of the session

- Get in there: Call Tom - 0212576422 or email tom@funk.co.nz 

Rehearse'n'Cord - Band Practice Space Package

$400 per month approximately
- 5 full Rehearse'n'Cording sessions w/ engineer
- takes roughly 1-3 months and subject to approval and booking availability
- Up 8 hours each in the isolation room
- Engineer will setup one basic audio session for demo / composition quality recording
- Band to control record / pause via remote most of session

Electric Soul Mix and Mastering Hourly

$50 per hour / 3 hour minimum booking
- no bands or isolation room use
- good for overdubs, mixing, mastering, listening sessions
- Use all the Electric Soul Instruments (Rhodes mk 1, Arturia Microbrute, Korg Monotron)
- Tannoy System 600 ref speakers + Tannoy TS10 active sub
- Pair of factory matched Rode NTK Class-A Tube Mics
- subject to approval and booking acceptance
- producer engineers only usually
- ok for mixdowns, overdubs, mastering
- Pair of factory matched Rode NTK mics
- 15 hours per week included essentially anytime you like but needs to be set
- could be 2 long days or 4 short ones
- good for mixing an album or ep
- ideally a single individual but can accommodate groups

- Call Tom - 0212576422 or email tom@funk.co.nz

All prices include GST

021 257 6422