Tomachi Corp Site Network

In 2017, my network of sites (hosted in USA at DreamHost) used 362 GB of traffic.

Later, in 2019 the number was 368 GB, amazing how steady that traffic is!

So far in 2020 the network has served 294 GB to date (8 September) which means I'm on track to serve 429 GB in 2020 at this rate. I think something that will melt the internet is my 2D image renders of the AminoSee DNA Visualisation which is quite a hog when on the High Resolution mode.


362 GB per year

362 billion bytes served in 2017

WordPress CMS

WordPress is a CMS or content management system, meaning a way to update your website without paying anyone and where you only need a browser login and some creativity! Unpublished page drafts are auto-saved into the cloud, and you can schedule publish times into email lists with it. WooCommerce opens the door to eCommerce in a big way.

Better Than Nothing Internet
I'm launching an ISP in my local neighbourhood.

The Triptonites
Psychedelic Funk Band Auckland

Government Site

Dam Native
Kaupapa Driven Hip Hop Group

Awaken Direct Democracy
Open source software project for social change

cross.beat producers night
Weekly music producers listening party

Funk Band Auckland

Hand coded HTML and CSS

The homepage of Funk NZ is hand-coded HTML5 in Atom text editor, but the /blog and /auckland-music-update are separate WP blogs, and I use Mail Chimp to automate those. / auckland-music-update | blog

Media design portfolio of Tom Atkinson

Highlights is if you do view source ⌘-U

ॐ Aum Productions
Psytrance Events