SEO Audit Checklist

The following checklist show the full SEO audit process.

Category Item
User Analytics Goals & Ecommerce Tracking
Custom User Interaction Javascript
Site Search Tracking
Basic Pageview Tracking Installed
Webmaster Tools Linking
Google Tag Manager GTM Scripts Installed
Webmaster Tools Linking (WMT)
Bing Webmaster Tools
Demographics and Interest Reports enabled
Dashboard w/ Brand versus Generic Performance
Content Keyword Targeting Summary
Search Phrase Research and Selection
Quality, Relevance, Uniqueness and Depth of Content
Unique Landing Page Content
Internal duplicate content
https & http duplicate content
URL Query Strings
Video Optimisation
Meta Data
Missing and duplicate title tags
Missing and duplicate meta descriptions
Heading tags
Missing H1 Tags
Multiple H1 Tags
Duplicate H1 Tags
Primary Keyword in H1 Tag
Blog or News Section
Consolidate blog into main domain
Category Page Introductions
Gaps In Content
Link To Us Page / Media Centre
Google Adwords Google Analytics Linking
AW Account loaded into Tomachi Corp MCC Account
Invisible First Link Priority Check
Domain Canonicalisation
Page Canonicalisation
OSE Inbound Links - Check Anchors
301 Redirects used appropriately
XML Sitemaps
Site Speed Analysis
Host Reliability Moniotoring
Social-Cust Service Business Goals and Processes Established
Process Integrated Link Building Service
Online Reputation Monitoring
Social Listening
Citations and Reviews
Increase Good Inbound Links
Increase Good Onbound Links
Facebook page admin tags
Google+ rel=author
Staff and investors brain-storming session
Indexation Nofollow
GET content hidden by POST forms
404 Errors
Moved Content / Renamed Categories / Relabelling
Out of Stock and Deleted Product
Permanently Remove Content
404 Error Page Behaviour Suggestions
403 Errors
500 Errors
Xenu Check
Critical navigation blocked by javascript links, flash, java etc
Structured Data Rich Snippets Markup Use
Rich Snippets Schema Compliance
Authorship Relationship Established
Inauthentic Ratings XML
Data Highlighter Markup
Summaries Detailed Site SEO Analysis and Executive Recommendations Document
Action List
Visible Structure Sitewide Navbar, Header and Footer
Top Products
Top Categories
Top Searches
Related Products
Navigation SEO
URL Structure
Mixed case URLs
Missing Contextual Links
Missing Breadcrumbs
Anchor Text
Image Alt Texts
Duplicate Content
Deep Links
Infinite URL Loops / Overly large URL spaces
Site networks and mutli site consolidation strategy
Outbound Link Check
HTML Sitemaps
Top Level Menu Item Pages
Webspam and Trust Fix Bad Inbound Links
Fix Bad Onbound Links
OSE Inbound Link Check
Anchor Text Frequency Distribution Chart
Don't Use ALLCAPS excessively
Don't use minus (-) in domain


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