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Curriculum Vitae and Creative Portfolio

Drummer | Composer | Producer | Designer | Coder

I'm a guru of digital multimedia engineering, a front-end developer who can hold it together in the back end.

I'm currently working freelance as director of The Tomachi Corporation providing my e-business client base on-call services. My network of mostly WordPress website setup and support, plus Google Ads and Analytics.

Currently, I'm keen to take on a part or full-time job, while I like the casual pace of self employment, I also desire the stimulation of working in an office, ideally 4 days per week. 

Ideal roles:

  1. WordPress Web Developer / Site Management
  2. Full stack Developer / React / Nodejs
  3. Web Analytics Specialist / SEO / Google Ads
  4. Game Logic Developer / Unity

Jobs I Would Like To Be Recruited To

I am most interested in working for the following types of desirable industries:

  • Any businesses with a vital website
  • Blockchain, Game Development, Travel, Tourism, Music, Arts, Software Houses, eCommerce.
  • I've done a lot with SEO, Google Ads but keen to try something new
  • Unity game dev I've done more of than say UnReal or Godot
  • Advanced Node Web Shops & App Developers
  • Preference for Linux full stack node environment for fast moving startup compared to say a Microsoft or Java shop.
  • Am curious to learn Rust language and write GPU shaders, I have some published at ShaderToy here

I am also somewhat interested in:

  • Any business with a commercial website that recognises the value of online
  • That also is big enough to have an existing webmaster, developer, designer, or IT support person
  • If the business does not already have staff like this then it's probably too early in the business for me to become involved
  • Travel and tourism, Multimedia, High Performance Computing, Music
  • Recently I wrote an open-source genomics app called the AminoSee DNA Viewer using NodeJS

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