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Curriculum Vitae and Creative Portfolio

Drummer | Composer | Producer | Designer | Coder

I'm a guru of digital multimedia engineering, a front-end dev who can hold it together in the back end.

I'm currently working freelance as director of The Tomachi Corporation providing my e-business client base on-call services. My network of mostly WordPress website setup and support, plus Google Adwords and Analytics.

Currently, I'm keen to take on a part or full-time job, while I like the casual pace of self employment, I also desire the stimulation of working in an office, ideally 4 days per week. 


Jobs I Would Like To Be Recruited To

I am most interested in working for the following types of desirable industries:

  • Any businesses with a vital website
  • Blockchain, Game Development, Travel, Tourism, Music, Arts, Software Houses, eCommerce.
  • I've done a lot with SEO, Google Ads but keen to try something new
  • Unity game dev I've done more of than say UnReal or Godot
  • Advanced Node Web Shops & App Developers
  • Preference for Linux full stack node environment for fast moving startup compared to say a Microsoft or Java shop.
  • Am curious to learn Rust language and write GPU shaders, I have some published at ShaderToy here

I am also somewhat interested in:

  • Any business with a commercial website that recognises the value of online
  • That also is big enough to have an existing webmaster, developer, designer, or IT support person
  • If the business does not already have staff like this then it's probably too early in the business for me to become involved
  • Travel and tourism, Multimedia, High Performance Computing, Music
  • Recently I wrote an open-source genomics app called the AminoSee DNA Viewer using NodeJS

Ideal roles:

  1. Front end web developer
  2. Full stack Developer / Devops / App Testing
  3. Online Marketing Manager / Google Ads
  4. Google Analytics / Site Optimisation Specialist
  5. Site Speed Specialist, Mobile Conversion Optimiser
  6. Usability and Real User testing
  7. Search Marketing Specialist (PPC, SEO)
  8. Regular website admin (CMS, WordPress, LAMP, Node.js)
  9. Social Media Manager / Community Manager / Chief Technology Evangelist
  10. Digital commerce technician

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