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Curriculum Vitae and Creative Portfolio

I'm currently working freelance as director of The Tomachi Corporation providing my e-business client base on-call services. It is mostly WordPress website setup and support, plus Google Adwords and Analytics.

I have different rates for small, medium and large businesses and am focussing on growing my agency as an on-demand web help desk where you only pay for the time you use, billed monthly, with daily reports on time used.

The plan is to expand by adding a toll phone line for contract-free support and setup profiles on instant realtime mentor and tech support platforms:  namely (business advice) (code).

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Jobs I Would Like To Be Recruited To

I am most interested in working for the following types of desirable industries:

  • Successful online e-businesses based in Auckland or Melbourne
  • Preference for full stack node environment for fast moving startup
  • Blockchains, Location Aware Mobile Apps, AI, Robotics, Quantum
  • Node, Meteor, Reactjs - Highly responsive web apps
  • Travel, Tourism, Music, Arts, Gaming, Transactional Digital Commerce.

I am also somewhat interested in:

  • Any business with a commercial website that recognises the value of online
  • That also is big enough to have an existing webmaster, developer, designer, or IT support person
  • If the business does not already have staff like this then it's probably too early in the business for me to become involved

Ideal roles:

  1. Full stack Developer / Front end javascript developer
  2. Online Marketing Manager
  3. Search Marketing Specialist (Adwords Campaign Manager, SEO Manager)
  4. Web Analytics Specialist (site performance optimisation, mobile conversion and user testing)
  5. Website Admin (CMS, WordPress, PHP, Apache, Node.js)
  6. Social Media Manager / Community Manager
  7. Digital ecommerce technician

Skills Matrix with Experience