Song Production, Demo Recording, and Recorded Rehearsals

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Electric Soul Recordings is a 16-channel digital recording studio with tube mics, tube mic pre, tube DI box, and all MOTU rack mounted audio interfaces running over Firewire to an iMac running Logic Audio 9.

Recorded Rehearsals

From $100 per day - 5 hour session
Includes use of all our instrumentals, and recording studio.


- One day of Rehearse or Recording sessions w/ engineer
- Up to 8 hours in the studio from 2pm onwards and then full noise from 5pm until 10pm
- Lockout and 24/7 sessions are possible on request
- Engineer will place an array of microphones for your session
- Ideal for demo and composition quality recording
- Band is expected to control record / pause via remote for most of the session

- Get in there: Call Tom - 0212576422 or email 

Darth Fader 4.6 Dayer - Six Day Record Mix Package

- automatic approval, semi-lock out access
- 4 full days recording (5pm-1am for drums)
- Must be four consecutive days for the recording part
- Take your masters out on USB or use the free mix days:
- FREE: 2 optional and fully separate booking date (non-recording) mix and master listening sessions
- optional mix master days must be used within 3 months of the first day of recording

- Call Tom - 0212576422 or email

Rehearse'n'Cord - Band Practice Space Package

$500 per month approximately
- 5 full Rehearse'n'Cording sessions w/ engineer
- takes roughly 1-3 months and subject to approval and booking availability
- Up 8 hours each in the isolation room
- Engineer will setup one basic audio session for demo / composition quality recording
- Band to control record / pause via remote most of session

Electric Soul Mix and Mastering Hourly

$30 per hour / 4 hour minimum booking
- no bands or isolation room use
- good for overdubs, mixing, mastering, listening sessions
- Use all the Electric Soul Instruments (Rhodes mk 1, Arturia Microbrute, Korg Monotron)
- Tannoy System 600 ref speakers + Tannoy TS10 active sub
- Pair of factory matched Rode NTK Class-A Tube Mics
- access to Electric Soul Mix and Mater room
- subject to approval and booking acceptance
- producer engineers only usually
- ok for mixdowns, overdubs, mastering
- Pair of factory matched Rode NTK mics
- 15 hours per week included essentially anytime you like but needs to be set
- could be 2 long days or 4 short ones
- good for mixing an album or ep
- ideally a single individual but can accommodate groups

- Call Tom - 0212576422 or email


All prices include GST