Drum Practice Space :: Kit Included :: Electric Soul Studio :: Glen Eden Auckland

From $20/hr* drum practice including kit!

Your Drum Tech: Tom Atkinson

  • $60/half day up to 4 hours and short casual bookings between 2pm and 8pm
  • $20/hour * when paying for at least three sessions in advance or  via direct debit
  • $100/day up to 8 hours between 12pm and 10pm
  • $200 for up to three days per week
  • Includes kit with sticks, cymbals and snare
  • Includes Pearl Eliminator Double Kick Pedal!
  • Nice loud active wedges to jam with

Casual Drum Practice Covered

Lessons are also available see drum lessons

Secondary Schools Full Year Drum Tuition Plan (PDF)

Multitrack Drum Recording

I have a 16 channel recording setup based on Logic Audio 9. This is $60/hour but with a 3 hour minimum booking requirement. Drum lesson recording is free, because it does not require setup time.