Electric Soul Mix & Master Initial Offer

See a 2 minute walk through: https://youtu.be/4cWMcNDBjfs

In exchange for:

Payment terms
Minimum initial payment of $100 or up to the full $481.60 to
Tomachi Corp Kiwibank a/c:
This covers a non-refundable 8 week booking equivalent t0 $60.20 per week
Your own set of keys for 24/7 access to facility.
Starting Sunday 24 May Finishing Sunday 12 July
Calendar roster times are not rigid at all - please drag and drop with your mouse to let everybody know when you intend to be around. Just a ball park guide for us and a good way to know who is using how much time. 
Late Payments
Unpaid rent will be financed at 5% interest per month calculated on the 1st of each month on the unpaid amount in the initial phase. After the launch, finance will not be available, and I will require full up front payments from 12 July.
Room Booking System
We will use this Google Calendar to organise slots. This way we can visually see conflicted and account for use. 
The space
Electric Soul Mix and Mastering Suite
This is room 1 in map.
Time share slots using the system I've proposed below are for this room.
The isolation room + control room are booked by Daniel Jung <inversedan@gmail.com>
Not a band practice space, but you can over dub and mix here, and store drums securely etc. The combined equipment of Tomachi's Hotel Vermont Studios, Jo Keating's big analogue desk and instruments, and Aukusitino and Maia it sounds like, is likely to be permanently wired up.
The $60.20 gives you a 32 hour lock out session each 8 days rolling. This ensures fairness and so someone doesn't get stuck with Fridays or similar bad time slot:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Time Slot Range Monday, 25 May 2015 Tuesday, 26 May 2015 Wednesday, 27 May 2015 Thursday, 28 May 2015 Friday, 29 May 2015 Saturday, 30 May 2015 Sunday, 31 May 2015 Monday, 1 June 2015 Tuesday, 2 June 2015 Wednesday, 3 June 2015 Thursday, 4 June 2015 Friday, 5 June 2015
Sleeper: 11pm-7am TOM Maia TOM TINO TOM JK2X TOM TOM TOM Maia TOM TINO
Prime Time: 3pm-11pm TOM Maia Maia TINO TINO JK2X JK2X TOM TOM Maia Maia TINO
This applies to room 1. For the Isolation room is booked through Daniel - see below.
Isolation Room Free Use
In the words of Daniel, re-worded slightly by me:
Booking rules at the moment. Subject to change depending on the amount of workflow we are dealing with in the future.
Short term bookings
- Any bookings from current date to 1 week from current date.
- unlimited sessions for all engineers (if it is free, you can book it out)
Long Term Bookings
- Any bookings that will occur 1 week onwards.
- 2 sessions per client (this needs clarification)
Paid bookings take precedence.
It's possible to use the Iso without the Control Room.
Iso + Control Room Free Use
Same booking rules but only for residents. Outside bands recording need to pay Dan $100 to record.
*The short term and long term bookings apply for paid sessions that involves an outside client coming in for productions and/or any recording/practice sessions which works towards a production being officially released.
*All short term/long term bookings have either $30/h or $100/day studio fee. A full day usually means an 8 hour session, however often we end up working a few hours more or less which there is no extra charge for. This studio fee includes GST and is not negotiable. (The idea is that the studiofee is kept at its minimum so that engineers have enough room to get paid as freelancers)
Residents are welcome to familiarise themselves with the audio workstation through personal work/practice at no charge so as long as it does not conflict with the booking system. (Official Short term/Long term bookings ALWAYS take priority)
These sessions are for residents/engineers only. (if a mates band wanted to come in for recording/rehearsal, the resident/engineer will be expected to consider this as a short term/long term booking
In terms of the calendar/booking dates, I absolutely agree that we need a better system that anyone can access and view. I feel that it is necessary to set up a page that our potential clients have access to as well as the people that are involved as producers. I thought it would be nice to have this integrated into the website that we are working towards at the moment, but as this is not my area of expertise it is a bit ambiguous at this stage. Happy to have your suggestions as to how we can make this more efficient.
My apologies for the overflowing amount of information. A simple way of understanding the system is to think of it like SAE or MAINZ studios with the booking system to deal with the amount of workflow, but the difference is that you are welcome to do paid work in the facilities.
In terms of the security, I will have the locks changed to dead locks for the extra security for your gear etc. I think it may be necessary to discuss possible options for insurance depending on the amount of gear we end up storing. Let me know if you have any ideas.
So for Sunday, I will have three sets of keys ready for you for your group. You can make minor changes to the room as you have mentioned, however if you do need to make more changes to the room to fit your needs, please discuss this with me before you go ahead.

It's filling up fast! Get in as a first round investor

A unique mix between a practice space and a full fledged recording and mastering studio, right in Auckland city!

City Centre
Auckland City
Commercial Property Zoning
Floor area: 20-200m2
Client parking available. Staff parking enquire within.

The unit has a newly built professional audio workstation (live room/control room), huge open work area with plenty of desk space, several large office spaces and kitchen/shower etc.

We are looking for complimentary businesses/individuals/teams to share our awesome space in the heart of Auckland.

Currently a blank canvas, the offices are large enough for a team of 4-5 people to have their own desk spaces and can be furnished to needs.

These office spaces are available for $300/w.
- Private Office
- All bills included (Power, Unlimited Fibre)
- 1 carpark
- Shared access to open work area, lobby, shower, kitchen, etc
- Live and work option

Huge shared open area has enough space to entertain clients and professional presentations.

Short term/Long term positions available

Would be perfect for

-a creative team who needs the flexibility to set up their work station to specific standards and able to work irregular hours and overnighters.

-a team of audio engineers who need access to a professional recording studio. (enquire within)

-a band that needs a space to rehearse, record, store gear and crash/chill (enquire within)
Recording studio description

24 Channel analog recording mixer
Allen & Heath GS R24M

Pro Tools 11 with heaps of AAX/VST Plugins

Range of dynamic/condenser mics

Separate live room (resilient channels, double walls, floating floor STC75)


Some terms:
Having a single point of finance will simplify life for our landlord dude
Tom is happy to finance the bond at a rate of 5% per month, calculated monthly on the 1st of each month.
I'd suggest to him a move in date of this Sunday 24 May and provide the initial $900 a few days prior to this
Once agreed on the terms, they could not change without all members agreeing or risk forfeit the agreement