Open Source Software Support NZ

I wonder what the demand is for paid software support contracts in NZ?

I can help you setup all of the following solutions listed below

That is Free Open Source Software running on linux machines on premise or in the cloud.
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Auckland based FOSS support company

On subscription so you have someone who has your back. To bounce ideas off. Someone to help fix GRUB / Refind bootloader in the middle of the night. Starting with web apps Apache, Nginx, WordPress, databases like mySQL, postgres, mongodb, Linux admin, bash shell scripts, Node, CMS, CRMs, Calendaring, File sharing, automated regular expressions for batch file processing.
Audio / video with apps Audacity, Ardour, OBS Studio, ffmpeg, Handbrake, Clementine, Strawberry, RuneAudio, Libretime radio automation, Icecast streaming, MusicBrainz meta data enrichment it goes on forever the powr of open source!
The GIMP is a passable Photoshop stand-in, sadly, GIMP is not so enjoyable like Photoshop but for the basic compositing can be manipulated to greatness like Arial versus Helvetica), and Inkscape is not Indesign. I guess Unreal / Unity although there aren't open source they are mostly free. Tasty apps. So I've realised I have ninja skills in this area, plus I know a few power-nerds I could maybe integrate in this... You'd pick a retainer, and I'd set it up via direct debit, credit card, or paypal subscription only. After that, you can create tickets, phone the helpdesk whenever (open 24 hours a week 7 weeks a year just kidding), and expect a response to your emails about how you broke your computer. We can then call you and tell you to turn it off and on. Sound good? I was inspired listening to the guy from MusicBrainz recently.