I'm currently downloading Qubes OS from 120+ peers via bittorrent!!

It's fun to download large popular files with BitTorrent. Take for example the security focussed OS that the great philosopher and patriot Edward Snowden runs:... Qubes OS. I would say the killer feature is the way it colours the windows of applications used in the GUI: black = trusted base level, the bare metal host OS, yellow = AppVM 1 which is this diagram is running most of the user apps like Thunderbird, VLC, Office, Firefox etc, red = firewalled untrusted sub-systems like USB peripherals and ephemeral WiFi connections, which appeared to be forced through a green = firewall running Fedora (wowzer!) and is also organising the connectivity for the sys-whonix VM that houses your decentral-VPNs such as Tor, and disposable VMs such Tails.

So Qubes OS is really hot right now! I'm setting up my first install of a highly available WordPress cluster that will power the in-store POS terminals of a retail store opening soon in Newmarket. This will let me (hopefully) run Xen Orchestration on the shop WordPress/WooCommerce/WebPOS cluseter while also browsing the web and checking my email if you get my drift.

omg im downloading qubes os from 120 other people spread across the globe look

omg im downloading qubes os from 120 other people spread across the globe look

The banner on my linode box is so big its notcompatible with git

Hmmm, that's odd I get this error:

fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: curr

I wonder if it has anything to do with my oversized sshd banner?

ssh linode.funk.nz 
| .~~~~~.        .~~~~~.     .~~~~~~~~~~~.        ..~~~~~~~~..       ~~~~~~~~~~~.         .~~~~~~~~ | 
| ~===oo:        ~====o+     .=ooo=oo=====+.     .+========o==:     .=========o==+.     .+=========.| 
| :ooooo+        ~=oooo+     ~=oooooooooooo~     +oooooo=oooo==.    .=oooooooooooo:     :ooooo=ooo=.| 
| ~ooooo:        ~ooooo+     .ooooo=+=ooooo~     +ooooo++=oooo=.    .=oooo=++ooooo+     ~ooooo=++++.| 
| ~ooooo:        ~==ooo+     .ooooo+ +ooooo~     +=oooo~.=oooo=.    .=oooo=.~oooo=+     :oooo=:     | 
| :ooooo+        ~=oooo+     ~ooooo+ :ooooo~     +ooooo~.=oooo=.    .=oooo=.~oooo=+    .:oooo=+.... | 
| :ooooo:        ~=oooo+     .ooooo+ +ooooo~     +=oooo~.=ooo==.    .=oooo=.~ooooo+    :=ooooo=====.| 
| ~ooooo:        ~ooooo+     .ooooo+ +ooooo~     +=oooo~.=ooo==.    .=oooo= ~ooooo:    :oooooooooo=.| 
| :ooooo:        ~==ooo+     .ooooo+ +==ooo~     +ooooo~.=oooo=.    .=oooo=.~ooooo+    ~=ooooo=++++.| 
| ~ooooo=+++:    ~=oooo+     ~ooooo+ +ooooo~     +ooooo++=oooo=.    .=ooooo++ooooo+     :ooooo=++++.| 
| ~ooooooooo=    ~=oooo+     .ooooo+ :ooooo~     +=oooooooooo==.    .=ooooooooooo=+     :ooooooo=o=.| 
| :o==o===o=+    ~=o=o=+     .===oo+ +===oo~     .+==oo==o=o==:     .=oo==o=o=o==+.     .+==o====o=.| 
| .~~~~~~~~~.    .~~.~~.     .~~~~~. .~.~~~.      ..~~~~~~~~~.       .~~~~~~~~~~..        .~~~~~~~~ | 
linode.funk.nz // tune in live at we.funk.nz 
___________    // subscribe__  funk.nz/amu 
\_   _____/ __ __   ____  |  | __      ____  ________ 
|    __)  |  |  \ /    \ |  |/ /     /    \ \___   / 
|     \   |  |  /|   |  \|    <     |   |  \ /    / 
\___  /   |____/ |___|  /|__|_ \ /\ |___|  //_____ \ 
\/                \/      \/ \/      \/       \/ 

UFOs be up in this shit. http://we.funk.nz 

Linux linode.funk.nz 4.19.0-22-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.260-1 (2022-09-29) x86_64


Coolermaster CK350 mechanical keyboard review

I purchased a CoolerMaster CK350 wired keyboard recently. It is excellent. Almost flawless. Essentially, it could use some nicer media buttons, I like having play, stop, skip, and volume as dedicated buttons. Also there does not appear to be a manual for it, and the quickstart guide is white on grey, so not very printable. So I fixed it. Here is a better, friendly to your printer quickstart guide, and all on one page, unlike the original from CoolerMaster:

Better Printable Quick Start Guide Coolermaster CK350

Better Printable Quick Start Guide Coolermaster CK350

If I do a proper review of this keyboard, I will post the details here.