Raven Arts Ltd

Raven was to be, and can still be, as described in the mission statement:

  1. Creative Mission Statement and Declaration
    • We propose to create in this agreement a private arts and democratic business society that is the body corporate set to manage the offices and non-exclusive sales teams for a cutting edge full service new media creative agency and production house in Auckland. Our directors and partners have coalesced their equipment and skills into a large production studio consisting of multiple photo and audio recording suites, integrated events and promotion capabilities, a technology marketplace, timeshare CBD offices in Wyndham street, an artistic internship scheme, and yearly high-technology conference.
    • We shall officially call it Raven Arts Limited, also known as Raven Arts NZ, ravenarts.nz, or just “The Raven”. Complaints and suggestions can go to raven@tomachi.co
    • The industry categories and types of work we expect to be doing are broad and can include but are not limited to:
      1. Audio, Video, Events, Games, Augmented Reality, Animation & CGI, Home Automation, Still Photography, Network Security, Business Mentoring, Artistic Consulting, Network Marketing, Equipment Hire & Sales, Talent, Website Design Build, Mobile App Dev, Interactive Installations, and generally speaking, stuff that is super awesome fun stuff.
      2. Excludes anything involving victimisation, violence, etc. We can do a documentary about violence, but we can’t use the fund to set-up forced labour camps along the Mekong.
    • Directors may use the space for what-ever purpose they wish within reason.
    • As well as being a group of creative capitalist professionals wanting to save costs and share an office, we are hoping to set something in motion to become a creative lead referral service and matching agency that links artists with businesses.
    • Participation in The Raven is always 100% voluntary. Incentives for positive action are championed over penalties for inaction generally, and this agreement contains very little restrictions and liability on you.
    • The Raven’s individual companies and sole traders, as well as The Raven’s own business ecosystems depend upon information about existing and potential clients, and our ability to accurately and fairly communicate the value of our sales propositions and previously done work articles and deliverables to them in order to satisfy demand and therefore source new and continued patronage. Since information is the lifeblood of so many parts of our sales and support pipelines, good information security practices but also importantly lead declaration and financial participation shall be incentivised by the automatic allocation of company shares the disclosure of information on security, declaration, quotes, invoice payment, deliverables, ethics and honesty.
    • Signing this agreement and declaration of intent in no way possible causes any increased liability than those in Schedule A namely your equal share of the costs of the first year of operation.


See the full text by clicking "Request Access" at memo.raven.funk.nz