I think my ISP will have to be a charity

Let's see, how about...

The Kotahitanga Church of Higher Thought

OR ALTERNATIVELY; swap "church" for "school" and/or replace higher thought with "Bass and Drum" to make it always distinct from "Drum and Bass".

Founders and Executive Directors / Trustees:

Me, Joe and Jo. This post subject to updates.

Mission Statement

To educate, illuminate, and inspire those in regards to all percussion and bass.
To investigate, research, publish, and promote alternative histories of cosmic biogenesis.
To involve a plant-based ecumenical religion based on Cantheism.
To fund and support our radio station WeFunk West Auckland, our bible, Tom's book series An Astonishing Encyclopaeidia, the founders various music productions, live streams, recording studio, practice rooms, lecture halls, mobile broadcast facilities, missions, pilgrimages and expeditions.

Charitable Purpose

Once per year, and ideally, as frequently as possible, to foster and enable an awards ceremony for talented young musicians, likely to involve 2 full days and up to 2 weeks of intense travel to each school in Auckland to perform at assembly and advertise the awards and to speak with the principle and head of department of music etc.

To continue to produce music CDs, streams, videos, books etc.

Founders Vestments

I vest my red drum-kit for the students to use, and my book, An Encyclopaedia.