How to get 60 FPS 2560x1440 resolution on AOC U2868 in macOS

I wrote this one line script because I was unable to put my AOC monitor back into 60 frames per second mode after enabling 4k.

macOS display preferences make dang near impossible to achieve. First just type in cscreen at the terminal to get the ID of your monitor, in my case 78ca19c6:

DisplayID Index Depth Width Height Refresh
78ca19c6 1 32 2560 1440 60
use -h to display all usage options
➜ ~

Then issue the command again, this time with the monitor unique ID and the parameters:

cscreen -d 32 -x 2560 -y 1440 -r 60 -i 78ca19c6
➜ ~

Swap 78ca19c6 for the value of your own monitor.

This will give you the best 60 FPS display performance AFAIk, the resolution known as 2560 x 1440 (QHD/WQHD - Wide Quad High Definition)

Official product page in my part of the world:

Idea: National, Regional and Amateur Hackathon Teams

Here is a cool idea that could be supported either by government or big business.

Similar to sports teams, a series of leagues are setup, by way of a series of Hackathons in each major city, with the initial outcome of the first match being a regional team of 10 winners for each region or city, say $10,000 each.

Photo: TechCrunch

The next year, do the same thing again, this time generating a 'Regional B Team'. About a month or two later the regional teams could do battle in a remote nationwide Hackathon, to create the national team. The All Green Screens / Call Blacks / All Black Hats or similar. In the time between the matches, the teams and their manager may be able to promote a couple of players from 'Regional B' by swapping an existing player with the new one. Likewise the 'Regional B Team' would have some chance to swap out a couple of players for amateurs who did well in the regional heats.

In the third year, it goes international, by way of the internet, no actual stadium is required. The regional heats are the only Hackathons that have a physical presence. This is because of an interesting trend in Hackathons worldwide.

The national team is encouraged to play in global Hackathons, which we'd own if we are allowed to compete as a team not as individuals:

Making A Living From Professional Hackathons

Makers Against Drought Hackathon
Sponsored by Samsung, this hackathon is designed to help solve California’s water crisis.
Winner: $90,000 cash prize
Finalists: $10,000 cash prize for 10 finalists

GlobalHack IV
This hackathon was sponsored by LockerDome. GlobalHack hackathons often offer large cash prizes.
Winner: $30,000 cash prize
Finalists: $15,000, $5,000 and $5,000 for runners-up

Launch Hackathon
Last year, there were two top prizes of $800,000. This is run as part of the regular Launch startup event. Winning includes some serious business connections.

The Money20/20 Financial Tech Hackathon
This hackathon is geared toward financial, payments, banking or investment-based tech. The grand prize was $20,000 in cash, and it was given to four teams. The $5,000 prize was given to five teams. The pure odds of winning were 9 out of about 155 teams, or a 5.8 percent chance.

RootsTech Hackathon
RootsTech is about promoting the use of family history in a creative way.
1st prize: $20,000 in cash, $25,000 in-kind
2nd prize: $14,000 in cash, $15,000 in-kind
Judge’s choice: $6,000 in cash, $10,000 in-kind
People’s choice: $10,000 in cash

IBM Spark Hackathon
IBM has been sponsoring lots of hackathons to promote their BlueMix cloud platform and Spark investments.
1st prize: $15,000
2nd prize: $7,500
3rd prize: $5,000
Plus various smaller prizes.

List of Hackathons source from Tech Crunch article:

Raven Arts Ltd

Raven was to be, and can still be, as described in the mission statement:

  1. Creative Mission Statement and Declaration
    • We propose to create in this agreement a private arts and democratic business society that is the body corporate set to manage the offices and non-exclusive sales teams for a cutting edge full service new media creative agency and production house in Auckland. Our directors and partners have coalesced their equipment and skills into a large production studio consisting of multiple photo and audio recording suites, integrated events and promotion capabilities, a technology marketplace, timeshare CBD offices in Wyndham street, an artistic internship scheme, and yearly high-technology conference.
    • We shall officially call it Raven Arts Limited, also known as Raven Arts NZ,, or just “The Raven”. Complaints and suggestions can go to [email protected]
    • The industry categories and types of work we expect to be doing are broad and can include but are not limited to:
      1. Audio, Video, Events, Games, Augmented Reality, Animation & CGI, Home Automation, Still Photography, Network Security, Business Mentoring, Artistic Consulting, Network Marketing, Equipment Hire & Sales, Talent, Website Design Build, Mobile App Dev, Interactive Installations, and generally speaking, stuff that is super awesome fun stuff.
      2. Excludes anything involving victimisation, violence, etc. We can do a documentary about violence, but we can’t use the fund to set-up forced labour camps along the Mekong.
    • Directors may use the space for what-ever purpose they wish within reason.
    • As well as being a group of creative capitalist professionals wanting to save costs and share an office, we are hoping to set something in motion to become a creative lead referral service and matching agency that links artists with businesses.
    • Participation in The Raven is always 100% voluntary. Incentives for positive action are championed over penalties for inaction generally, and this agreement contains very little restrictions and liability on you.
    • The Raven’s individual companies and sole traders, as well as The Raven’s own business ecosystems depend upon information about existing and potential clients, and our ability to accurately and fairly communicate the value of our sales propositions and previously done work articles and deliverables to them in order to satisfy demand and therefore source new and continued patronage. Since information is the lifeblood of so many parts of our sales and support pipelines, good information security practices but also importantly lead declaration and financial participation shall be incentivised by the automatic allocation of company shares the disclosure of information on security, declaration, quotes, invoice payment, deliverables, ethics and honesty.
    • Signing this agreement and declaration of intent in no way possible causes any increased liability than those in Schedule A namely your equal share of the costs of the first year of operation.


See the full text by clicking "Request Access" at 

Local Band or Artist Website Financing Deal

We are offering 2 years financing for bands, local artists, and other self employed people to spend a day with us setting up your website.

Half Day Intensive Hands On Website Setup

$10/month for 2 years

Normally, 3 to 4 hours with Tom in Auckland onsite at your premises would cost $240-$320, which would be enough to cover setting up the site, picking a theme, publishing of the initial pages.

Paid over 2 years this is only $10/month. The after 3.3 years or so, you qualify for forever free hosting and it can drop to $0.

Direct Debit Terms

Being on retainer has it's benefits

  • No surprise charges - All increases to billing requires express consent
  • Unlimited phone support time for chat about the site
  • It's like an insurance policy against info-tech surprises
  • You provide your bank account number, we handle the rest
  • As many screen sharing / one on one training sessions as you wish
  • Cancellation is with three cycles notice to cover wind downs
  • Most projects take around 12 weeks see our method
  • Unused time accrues as time-credit / Bursts of work can be done using time-debt
  • Forever Free Website Hosting
  • Free ad campaigns:
    • Auckland Music Update blog-letter sent to 550 email subscribers
    • On WEFUNK Radio internet and LPFM station (coming soon to the airwaves near K Rd)

Our Ethos = It's about the relationship

All direct debit clients receive forever free website hosting, so long as account is active or has paid the minimum to qualify. We use open source technology and try to always ensure you have the ultimate control over your own domain. Therefore we usually ask our clients to pay for their own domain names on their own accounts, but to add [email protected] as an admin so we can make changes if needed quickly. Having said that, we are happy to pay for your domain name if you prefer!

Typical Project Agreement Terms

For new clients, we suggest a weekly cycle, with entire project delivery taking not more than 12 weeks.

Choose a payment period based on long or short term projects:

Monthly for more economic long term projects and hosting
Weekly for short sprint projects where you need something urgently and to be very high build quality

- Fixed agreed payments are set to auto debit from your bank account
- Termination is with two cycles notice and will result in two full payments and one part payment
- Decreases in retainer amount are automatically applied to your account next cycle
- Increases in retainer amount are only permitted by email notice and must either involve:
a) the expressed agreement of both parties (if to be applied immediately); or
b) if no agreement reached then via normal termination of two full payments and one part payment.

Long term, it ensures we work together efficiently:

  • over utilisation of my time by you will generate warnings and begin to accrue as real debit your account with TCorp
  • under utilisation of my time accrues as virtual time credit you have with TCorp
  • since the time credit evaporates immediately at termination unlike the real debt this encourages us to ensure the relationship is fully win/win
  • ensures I do not rack up overly large time debt as it may endanger the relationship
  • if you terminate with account debts I still only get the last three payments after notice
  • if you terminate with time credit it lasts two cycles then evaporates

The following applies to clients who pay via direct debit.

Tomachi Corporation Ezypay account

Account reference number
Account type
Account administrator
Ezypay Online
Tom Atkinson
Customer load fee (incl. GST) $10.00 $10 (one time setup fee)
Charged to Customer
 Transaction fees (incl. GST) Bank account 3.5% of the debit amount
Visa / MasterCard 4.5% of the debit amount
Charged to Tomachi Corporation
Customer failed payment fee (incl. GST)  $5.78
Charged to Customer

Instruction options:

  • Recurring
  • Recurring with a different first amount
  • Once-off

The Fine Print

1. Retainers are usually calculated using a 6 month rolling average that may include time analysis if: a) 3 to 6 months of past activity; b) up to 6 months of future work estimation; and c) arrears from previous work. 2. Retainer hours are invoiced on 1st of each month yet no invoice will be issued. 3. Un-used hours from your payments for work that was not done will accrue as a time credit to the lifetime hours on your account with us, yet aren’t refundable as cash only work done; Accrued hours can be applied to future work as a form of credit, and overused / overtime / unscheduled / unquoted emergency work can borrow retainer and quoted hours from the rolling future hours or future quote and invoice hours. The intention of this is to ensure a long lasting relationship built on respect and trust.  4. Tomachi Corporation indicates a preference to ask for acceptance rather than permission in regards to the pre-emptive use of account time without approval. We hope our judgement is satisfactory and promise to endeavour to keep you informed of our use of your time and seek sign-off first when the specific urgent work is deemed either a possible efficient use of time, is simply practical, is required by law, or just purely and sensible and prudent. 5. Only quotes and changes to retainer are notified / invoiced, automated retainer months will occur with an email from our provider EzyPay to confirm. 6. Both hours and invoiced amount totals will be recorded, to allow us to analyse your retainer settings and client profitability overall, and to allow us to charge varied rates depending on the work for example $80/hr small business, $100/hr corporate rate, $300/hr network security; see 7. Present and future work is only carried out when a live retainer contract is in operation or a full quote has been accepted and signed for; Minimum retainer is either is either 20 minutes/month or 24 minutes/year whichever is smaller. Forever Free Hosting is provided when lifetime spend is over the amount set according to terms at: site-hosting/ 8. Urgent work may require agreed extra time sign-off in writing, however deadlines and timeliness of work is never guaranteed but backed by the good faith of our motivation to continue our relationship with you and continue as contractor ongoing. 9. Payments are processed 1st of each month, failed payments auto re-bill on 24th. 10. Direct debit account fees: setup $10; a/p failed payment fee $5.68; transaction fees are paid by TCorp but credited to your account less 3.5% or 4.5% for credit cards. 11. These terms are also available online at

Forever Free Website Hosting

Do you want a website? Call it insane, but TCorp has just announced totally forever free website hosting - for all my clients over $400 - now you don't have to be a personal friend of mine  to get an abnormally cheap website. Lookin' at you Junior aka and! Oh and my contra-deal with Aum Productions ( since I'm paid in tickets to their awesome Psy-Trance music festival events.

Our direct debit agreement is like insurance against big website bills because your monthly bill will never go up unless you agree to it! Our "pay what you think it's worth" retainer based system is based on an internally calculated rolling average of the time we have used on your project.

Your regular payment will never go up by surprise or without your express consent usually confirmed as a single click on an email proposal. But you can call and email me with questions and issues to sort without concern for bills; I will only ask for an increase if I feel the amount of time spent is becoming too large.

Cancellation is just as simple by email and never results in any drop in service and your website stays online hosted in USA at Dreamhost.

But seriously, paying pros to make websites can get expensive so depending on your skill and ability to put in effort to *build your own website yourself with my help*, it's usually between $160 and $800 for me to set you up with whats called self-hosted WordPress, and I can even do fixed monthly service to pay off a large project over longer period.

Our hosting is forever free so that we can just focus on providing great service to you, not milking you for cost-free automation and toiling over quotes and project sign-offs.

See our services page for more info. Basically dream up something that will use at least $400 of my time, which at $80/hr would be about 5 hours, and boom.... you're own website sorted. Whether you pay in one hit, or ten payments of forty, it can work.

Fine Print

See here for the legal stuff - but there's no catch, it's sensible: no illegal / objectionable content, and no personal backups - just websites.

Stacking your Google Account Alias

Many people trying to use GMail for business might not be aware that it's possible to associate your favourite long-time domain email, or even your shiny new company email to your old Google Account.

The setting can be found here:

Just add the additional permanent emails to your aliases, and it might appear something like my setup shown:

Multiple Google Account Aliases

Multiple Google Account Aliases

If Google says your email is already associated with another Google Account, it's no problem - so long as you still can either remember your password or still have access to the email for that account. Call Tomachi Corp today for support 0212576422.