Tomachi Corp has moved to 4 Waikaukau Road in Glen Eden

The new space affords me room for WeFunk World News the Fractal Wood Laser & Lichtenberg Etching Art Gallery, and maybe pickup a nice bit of art during your visit. Open 3 days per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 2pm until 8pm by appointment only.

How To Find It

Unit 2 is the middle of three buildings. Look out for the "creepy castle" style industrial estate at 4 Waikaukau road. A big sign out the front reads Fit Easy Doors and Kiwi Benchtops. Come down the left hand side, through some pot-holes, past and round the back of unit 2 is near the containers at the end. When you get to the containers, take a right and you should be able to see the stairs up to "flat 3/4" which is round the back of unit 2. My red motorcycle is often parked at the base, and a cherry picker maybe nearby. Ours is the only "outside stairs up to the deck". A water measurement device is at the top of the stairs.

4 Waikaukau road site map and business directory

4 Waikaukau road site map and business directory (PDF | Directions)